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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 28, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the puzzle of what happened. a neighbor shot this cell phone video on tuesday showing lawmen slowly moving in formation to check on the suspect's body. they shot and killed 35-year- old jeremy goulet a former marine who was wearing body armor at the time after they say he killed two santa cruz detectives who had come to his home to question him about an alleged sexual assault. they say he flung open the door and started firing. the detectives radioed for help as they lay dying. and goulet stole their guns and their car. officers shot him half hour later about a block away. >> there is no doubt in anyone's mine that the officers that engaged goulet stopped an imminent threat to the community and neutralized that problem before it reached out and harmed the people that we're sworn to protect. >> reporter: dozens of people came to a vigil last night to mourn the loss of 28-year veteran sergeant loran "butch" baker.
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the chief called him the best investigator of the force. and 10-year veteran detective elizabeth butler, who specialized in investigating sexual assaults. now, all of the city's almost 100 officers took the day off yesterday to mourn. many of them will be returning to work today as i mentioned. but it's going to be up to them. the chief says that they should be able to take their time to mourn the loss of their fallen brother and sister. live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. we can understand why they want the time off. i guess in the meantime the santa cruz county sheriff's office have been keeping the peace in santa cruz? >> reporter: yeah. the police chief here says the only difference between the two officers is what they are wearing on patrol different uniforms obviously. but other law enforcement officers have really stepped up to the plate in this unprecedented tragedy. >> all united together. thank you, anne makovec live in santa cruz. the gunman's own father described his son as a ticking time bomb. jeremy goulet's criminal background also cases of being a peeping tom. he was arrested for that in
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portland, oregon in 2007 and in berkeley last august. neighbors there called police about fights between goulet and his twin brother. he was fired from a coffee shop last friday. customers said he always makes them feel uncomfortable. >> i just remember he was in intense. something about him was like kind of you know. >> goulet was in the marine reserves from 1996 to 2002 and he worked as a helicopter mechanic and with military police. the lehigh southwest cement company is being sued by the families of three workers killed in a shooting spree at the company's quarry near cupertino. the gunman was former employee shareef allman who committed suicide after the 2011 rampage. the suit claims the company knew allman was unstable and could have done more to prevent the tragedy. >> clean-up tips after a water main break -- continues after a water main break in san
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francisco, 24 hours ago the pipe broke. the rupture damaged homes and cars in the neighborhood. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from the inner parkside neighborhood with more on the massive clean-up. cate. >> reporter: frank, there's still a lot of work to be done and city workers will be here in just a few hours because there is the issue of this right over here, this sinkhole which they were able to fill yesterday. but again, as i said, you can see there's still more work to be done. in addition to road repairs, 23 homes and 12 cars were badly dodged during the water main break. the break caused hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to flood the on the section of 15th and wawona. utility workers haven't pinpointed a cause. we are learning a sewage pipe was replaced in the same area two months ago. >> there is a possibility that some of that work might have impacted this. that's why they removed that entire section of pipe and they are sending it offor analysis. we'll know probably in a few days what the cause was.
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>> reporter: the good news is no one was displaced. six homes were yellow-tagged which means there was severe water damage so again the work will continue back here in a few hours. there's still no word on how long all of these repairs will take. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. if you suffered property damage call the city attorneys claim division and hopefully get some financial help. water damage is the woes. >> all that water and not a raindrop in sight today. >> that's the kind of water we need. >> absolutely. we need rain in here. there's not much going but enjoy the day, folks. this is going to be one of the those gorgeous days outside as high pressure is sitting overhead. we'll bring those temperatures comfortably into the 60s and 70s. overlooking the bay bridge, they are still tweaking those new lights out there on the bridge and looking pretty this morning. just a couple of clouds there. patchy fog along the coastline overnight and some of that sneaking inside the bay. the temperatures staying mild. we have some 40s and some low 50s already.
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by the afternoon, that ridge of high pressure even though it's flat going to strengthen somewhat. so we'll see a few passing clouds from time to time. but some very mild temperatures and running well above the average. even warm in some spots inland. usually in low to mid-60s this time of year. today nine degrees above the average in santa rosa, 71. 65 degrees in san francisco. and about 69 in san jose. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and let's see. an accident in benicia is still blocking the left lane. unfortunately the delays keep growing because of it. one of our speed sensors showing 21 miles per hour southbound 680 right there before industrial way. so heads up if you are heading towards the benicia bridge. you are going to be stuck in a bit of a backup. checking the roads outside, we have a live look now along the peninsula. here's 101 near university coming through palo alto. both directions northbound and southbound look great. 280 is moving at the limit, as well. over at the bay bridge looks like we have some delays now. i believe the metering lights
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must have been turned on for us to see delays in the cash and fastrak lanes backed up towards the en of the parking lot. a few hours from now pope benedict xvi will officially become emeritus pope. cbs reporter vinita nair joins us live from the vatican with more on today's historic event. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's interesting. in a way today is the first day of the week that we have been here that really feels somber and i think that's what the pope had intended. he said he wanted today to be quiet, of course, after his retirement today he intends to sort of remove himself from the world. he wants to pray, he wants to meditate first. but earlier today, he had the opportunity to meet with his college of cardinals and give them some important messages. reporter: cardinals stood and clapped for pope benedict xvi as met with them at the vatican ahead of his historic resignation.
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the pontiff blessed them and promised to show unconditional reverence and obedience to the next pope. the 85-year-old called for the church to remain united and said he would continue to support cardinals in prayer. pope benedict gave an emotional farewell to 150,000 people in st. peter's square yesterday. >> it did mean a lot and to see the affectiontion of the people, the appreciation of the crowd and it was --it was touching. >> reporter: later today the pope will take a 10-minute helicopter ride to his summer retreat on the outskirts of rome. >> he will spend about a couple of months there until there's a new pope of course and until things are ready here. then when he comes back here, he will basically be spending it in a life of prior in a convent on the vatican grounds. >> reporter: most of the 115 cardinals who will elect pope benedict's successor are already here in rome and speculation is spreading fast about who will replace him. >> i think it's going to be from africa or latin america.
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>> what matters most is it is somebody who can guide the church into the future. >> reporter: pope benedict, who was elected in 2005 after the death of pope john paul ii, said he is leaving because he is growing too old and frail. cardinals hope to elect a pope in time for the holy week of easter which is now just a few weeks away. there's been so much talk about the conclave so i wanted to give you an idea of where it is. we have been show you the vatican all week but if you look in the right corner one building in particular the triangle with the antenna on the top. that's where this conclave will take place. of course, the conclave is the election process. keep in mind we don't know the date of it. some say the 10th or the 11th for the start, could have a new pope in place by the 17th. >> the smoke comes out of that chimney there, yeah. >> so you know, we are talking
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about the could beclave. >> reporter: of course you will see the white smoke. >> we are talking about the conclave. we have a delay here. are there any cardinals standing out as front-runners? >> reporter: it depends who you talk to is the real answer but talking to some of the members here of the clergy, they are telling us right now, you know, ghana and italy are strong contenders and, of course, those are also the top two if you look at the "betting line" out of las vegas and across the world right now but some of the other names in high contention include canada, the united states as well as brazil. >> we've had a polish pope and a german pope so i think i'd lean towards italy. it's been a while for that but we shall see. cbs reporter vinita nair live at the vatican, thank you. cbs news will have a special report this morning scheduled to begin at 7:55 a.m. you can watch it right here on kpix 5. time now is 6:11. the party is on but it may not be free. what it could cost to walk across the new bay bridge.
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>> and the mystery of the missing italian sausage has been solved. who is a famous brewers costume finally turned up. we'll tell you. >> it's my first time and this is really fun for me. >> students take a break from class to tee off. a life lesson they are learning on the golf course. am i allergic to any medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. of the milwaukee brewers sausage races. he is safe in cedarburg. that's the story of one of the stars of the milwaukee brewers famed sausage raise. the italian sausage costume was stolen weeks ago but it's back. somebody turned it in at a bar in milwaukee's suburb of cedarburg. it's worth more than $3,000.
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they are also more popular than the brewers. >> so glad it's back. right? >> they run around the field during in between innings there. there will be a weekend of festivities to mark the opening of the new bay bridge. >> the bay area toll authority approved a $5.6 million budget to pay for things such as first aid stations, bathrooms and buses. events under consideration, a bridge walk and perhaps a concert. officials are considering charging walkers $5 to help offset the cost. a live look at the new bay bridge. well, actually, it's the bay bridge eastern span there. it's the older version. still pretty. kpix 5 is the official broadcast partner for the bay bridge alliance. we are going to keep you posted on planning for that bridge celebration as we count down to opening day. by the way, 186 days left. >> there you go. i wonder if there's any cars on that bay bridge? >> on the new one or the ole one? >> well, if they are on the new one, they're in big trouble. >> they don't want to be out new one yet. on the old one i was going to
6:15 am
show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. so they are all stuck behind the pay gates. it's jammed up towards looks likes about the 880 overcrossing so many a 10 minutes wait right now to get you on to the span. elsewhere, to the san mateo bridge now where things are moving along quite nicely. no delay in either direction. and checking the nimitz freeway now out in the east bay, here's a live look at 880. this is near the oakland coliseum. taillights are moving northbound towards downtown oakland and right now there are no delays in either direction. where we are seeing delays it's still a problem in benicia. the left lane is blocked southbound 680 approaching industrial way. the accident was involving a number of cars couple of cars, pickup truck, big rig. everything is mostly in the median but again emergency crews are blocking the left lane and now we are seeing delays stacked up beyond lake herman and also westbound 580 our radio partners kcbs their airborne flew over and they
6:16 am
have stop and go traffic from tracy 205 to vasco road. the same thing on live sensors. that's a check of tour "timesaver traffic." you know lawrence wears his morning turtleneck when it rains so what are you going to do? they are all going to be sitting in a heap. >> i have had to leave them on a shelf for quite a while. maybe this next week. but in the meantime enjoy the sunshine, folks a great day ahead. we are looking at clouds early on this morning but throughout the day that is going to disappear for the most part. you will see more sunshine than clouds and the temperatures going to be warming up again and really i think we are just heading to the peak of the heat. won't come today. probably tomorrow the warm els day of the week thing changes for the weekend. that ridge of high pressure a flat ridge so we are seeing clouds dumping over top of it but in the meantime it's going to strengthen over the next day or so. these temperatures will get even warmer into friday maybe some mid soffits by the afternoon. so some spectacular weather lead. around the bay today we are looking at numbers into the 60s and low 70s in the south bay. east bay temperatures up into the 70s in many spots.
6:17 am
and then inside the bay should see plenty of sunshine, and just a couple of drifting high clouds over head and the temperatures staying very, very mild for this time of year. even warm in some spots inland. next couple of days there's some more clouds on the way come saturday and sunday with a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay. better chance of rain and my mock turtleneck showing up by next tuesday into wednesday. >> tuesday and wednesday? >> and wednesday. >> we need to get you different colors of this mock turtleneck. >> all i have is the black. [ laughter ] getting away from the books sometimes that's a good thing for students. >> even better if you end up on a beautiful course like the kids at the lawton school here in san francisco. it's all part of a city program that we think is pretty cool. reporter: every kid loves a field trip and for these fifth graders, this one is -- >> really cool! >> it's my first time and this is really fun for me. >> reporter: but lawton alternative school is one of nine san francisco schools that has its kids into the swing of the sport. it's all part of first tee an outreach program teaching life
6:18 am
lessons and skills all through the game of golf. >> this is a sport the kids can play for the rest of their life, life long fitness, life long learning. >> reporter: after six weeks of blacktop training, the students finally get to hit the links at harding park for the real deal. it's great therapy. a chance to clear the mind, socialize and pick up some new athletic skills. oh, and there's much more. >> honesty! >> study a lot harder and be honest when i'm doing tests or responding to my teacher. >> integrity! >> integrity, honesty and respect. >> courage! >> reporter: makes your life a lot easier as a teacher. >> that's why i wanted to be a teacher was to teach them about life and this is a great opportunity to incorporate those values in there as well. >> reporter: for 10-year-old ethan fung first tee is even bigger. this young golfer is legally
6:19 am
blind. >> makes me feel really good all the time whenever i play golf. >> reporter: how come? >> because when i play golf, i just feel great like --i don't know. >> reporter: it's unanimous. lawton is this week's -- >> "cool school"! whoo! >> they performing well, too. >> yeah. >> they have it working. >> they look good. >> 80% of the kids have never been on a golf course so this is all new to them. life lessons come along with the game. it's one of 200 chapters nationwide and over five million kids have taken part since 1997. and and there are a number of programs throughout the bay area too. so making a difference. >> hey, what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website, and we may come out and feature your school on the big show here.
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the 49ers trade alex smith. the city he will soon be calling home. >> plus, stephen curry takes a bite out of the big apple. the record he broke in new york last night.
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moving on. no surprise there. smith has been traded to the kansas city chiefs. smith all pick in san francisco 49ers former starting quarterback is moving on, alex smith has been traded to the kansas city chiefs. smith was the first overall pick in the 2005 draft and took the 49ers to the nfc championship before losing his job to colin kaepernick last year. >> good luck to him. >> make more money, too. >> steph curry by the way is on fire for the warriors. he was all world last night in new york. even the knicks at madison square garden were cheering him on. curry set a franchise record with 11 three-pointers, one shy
6:24 am
of the nba report kobe bryant owns. he scored a career-high 54 points in new york but j.r. smith gave new york the lead for good late in the 4th quarter. the knicks beat the warriors 109-105. golden state was without all- star david lee. he made the difference. he was suspended for tuesday's fight in indiana but what a night for that man right there, mr. curry. we are going to go to aberdeen, south dakota for today's play of the day. at the buzz ever it's good. they are off to round 2 for the south dakota play-offs. >> exciting. >> the play-by-play guy was excited at the buzzer beater. coming up, vacancy at the vatican. >> pope benedict's final day as head of the roman catholic church. his final message to catholics coming up. >> reporter: back to work today for members of the santa cruz police department as more details emerge in the
6:25 am
investigation into the killing of two of their fellow officers.
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new video of the gun battle that left two santa cruz police officers dead. >> just shocked. i mean, you never expect to hear that many bullet rounds in a period of 10 seconds. >> you want to know how this is affecting the people of santa cruz just take a look at some of the faces of the people coming to pay their respects. >> what caused a 61-year-old water main break in san francisco? >> clean-up is far from over. >> a historic day at the vatican as pope benedict xvi flies off into retirement. >> speculation is spreading
6:29 am
fast about who will replace him. >> this is not a cliff. but it is a tumble downward. >> all we're offered is a gimmicky tax hike. >> as your mayor, there's nothing more important to me than the safety of every individual in this city. >> oakland's mayor tackles crime. >> nothing is being done to get the problem resolved so we're frustrated. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning captions by: caption colorado >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 28. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 now on your thursday. just a short time from now, pope benedict xvi will head off to retirement. benedict has been wrapping up his 8 years as head of the catholic church today. the pope has spent much of the day meeting with the cardinals including cardinal timothy dolan here of new york. it's those cardinals who will
6:30 am
take part in the conclave to select benedict's successor. now once benedict is officially retired he will have the title of pope emeritus. he will stay at the castel gandalfo south of rome italy until a successor is named. it has been a summer home for popes since way back in the year 1626. later pope benedict will move back to the vatican to live in a convent being specially prepared for his retirement. cbs news by the way will break into programming with a special report this morning anchored by scott pelley scheduled for 7:55 a.m. of course you can watch it right here on kpix 5. some santa cruz police officers are expected to start returning to work today. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in santa cruz this morning where police are getting some time off to mourn the deaths of two fellow officers. anne. >> reporter: in the meantime, the memorial for those officers here at the santa cruz pd headquarters has been growing. another woman just dropped off another flower. it is really huge. so this is what the officers
6:31 am
are going to see as they return to work this morning. it's their choice whether to dom back to work the police chief told them to take their time with the grieving process. in the meantime, we're hearing more details about the shootings on tuesday. that is part of the gun battle this finally took down accused cop killer jeremy goulet a former marine described by his own father as a ticking time bomb. he was armed with three pistols and wearing body armor after officers say he killed two santa cruz detectives, stole their guns and their unmarked carr. officers found him shot him and killed him half an hour later about a block away. at a vigil last night for the two fallen officers, dozens of people came to mourn detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler, who had gone to goulet's home to question him about sexual assault allegations. here's baker's daughter ashley. >> my dad told me how smart i was and how proud he was of me. [ crying ]
6:32 am
>> and that -- and -- some things he thought about me. he just made me feel so good. [ crying ] >> reporter: now, when the two detectives came to talk to goulet, they were in plainclothes. they weren't in uniform. we don't know yet if they were wearing body armor. it's often up to the officers. we may hear more at the press conference at 11:30 this morning. live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. a fire crew got caught in the crossfire as they headed to help the fallen officers. as bulges struck their truck, the firefighters jumped into action to protect people passing by. the sheriff said some even used their own bodies to shield witnesses from the gunfire. no firefighters by the way or bystanders were injured.
6:33 am
flags are flying at half-staff at sunnyvale city hall and all around the state including the state capital where governor brown expressed his condolences. the gunman's own father described his son as a ticking time bomb. jeremy goulet's criminal background also cases of being a peeping tom. he was arrested for that in portland, oregon in 2007 and in berkeley last august. neighbors there called police about fights between goulet and his twin brother. he was fired from a coffee shop last friday. >> i just remember he was in intense. something about him was like kind of you know. >> goulet was in the marine reserves from 1996 to 2002 and he worked as a helicopter mechanic and with military police. we are getting a revealing look at the man police say shot and killed an oakland rapper on the vegas strip. >> you see these, we call that the counting game right here. see what i'm saying, like, ain't the only [ bleep ] who
6:34 am
talks about like only -- >> murder suspect ammar harris seen here flashing a stack of $100 bills in a youtube video. police say harris has a violent past including charges for robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping. he is wanted in the shooting and crash that killed three people in las vegas a week ago including oakland rapper kenneth cherry. harris remains on the run. the brentwood school has fired its superintendent merrill grant. last night's vote was 4-1 in a closed session. grant was placed on administrative leave last week. a number of parents called for his removal after a special education teacher was allowed to keep her job despite her conviction for kicking a 5-year- old student. it's thursday, you know what that means. >> friday is around the corner? >> friday is here, the weekend is here, and we have nothing but sunshine. >> yeah. looking good outsider these next couple of days probably the nicest days of the week. high pressure building overhead
6:35 am
a few high clouds even some patchy fog showing up this morning. see some of that at the bay. looking good as we head throughout the day, with that cloud cover not as cold this morning, 40s and some 50s. by the afternoon, that ridge of high pressure going to start to strengthen. we'll see a couple of clouds moving overhead from time to time with the flat ridge but otherwise, looking good and as we head in toward tomorrow, maybe some of those temperatures in the 70s and maybe some mid-70s. how about some low 60s and mid- 60s for this time of year on average? by this afternoon, 9 degrees above the average of 71 in santa rosa, 71 in livermore, expected to be 69 degrees and sunny and bright in san jose. changes coming up though for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a minute. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> and mass transit, as well. we are just getting word of caltrain delays. there was a mechanical issue on one of the trains. they had to cancel southbound train 104 in south san francisco. right now we are getting word 20-minute delays for caltrain
6:36 am
riders. otherwise bart, muni and ace on schedule. to the roads busy on highway 4 especially through antioch. some of those speed sensors below 25 miles per hour once again will go flying through antioch from a street to lone tree. very slow. and a few brake lights closer towards willow pass in concord, as well. all lanes back open now better news in benicia. southbound 680 by industrial way, for a while one lane was block while they worked to clear an accident. still slow towards the benicia bridge and continuing southbound on 680 a live look in danville where it looks great down towards the sunol grade. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. 6:38 now. crews are working to figure out exactly what caused a 61- year-old water main to break here in san francisco. that rupture damaged dozens of hopes and cars yesterday morning. clean-up is expected to continue throughout this morning. more than 24 hours after the break. it's going to take some time. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from the inner parkside neighborhood and cate, how's it looking? >> i can tell you frank, it's
6:37 am
looking a lot better than yesterday morning but again the clean-up is far from over. take a look. the issue now is this sinkhole. they are trying to figure out how this whole thing happened in the first place. yesterday morning a water pipe burst damaging 23 homes and 12 cars. some cars were halfway submerged in water and mud. hundreds of thousands of gallons of water pooled at the insection of 15th avenue and wawona. and if you thought the mess outside was bad, neighbors tell us water spilled into their basement up to three feet high. >> i went downstairs without any boots or anything and i was in water about a foot and a half probably. my car had water in it parked in the garage. so it was quite a mess. >> reporter: good news is that no one has been displaced. the city did yellow tag six homes which means there was extensive water damage. building inspectors will check
6:38 am
to see if they are structurally safe. utility workers are expected to be back here in the next few hours again to sort of clear up this mess and repair this road. live in san francisco, back to you. >> so much damage, cate. how is the city pitching in to help some of the homeowners and folks that may have lost their cars, too? >> reporter: well, frank, from what i understand when i spoke with city officials yesterday, they say that the city does plan to pay for the clean-up and repair of these homes is he it is good news for neighbors this morning. >> that is good news. a little solace there. cate caugiran live for us in san francisco, thank you. oakland mayor jean quan is upbeat about the city's future despite a recent uptick in crime. the issue was the main focus of her annual state of the city address last night. quan admitted it will be tough to meet the goal of increasing the police force from 600 to 800 officers in five years but said there is progress citing plans to add a second police academy this year. >> the question is whether or not we'll have enough money to continue that in future years but it is something that we have done for now and we're
6:39 am
really proud this next academy graduates in just weeks. >> the mayor said oakland gained about 5,000 jobs in the past year and she expressed optimism about the growth of the uptown arts and entertainment district. one of uptown oakland's most popular events will continue despite a fatal shooting this month. one person was killed and three others injured during the monthly first friday event february 1. councilmember lynette mcelhaney says the event will be scaled down a bit. the next first friday is tomorrow. 6:41. pandora user, a big change you probably won't like. >> it's a date. the out of world offer for one couple who likes to travel. >> that's a road trip. >> the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers on this thursday. we are green across the board.
6:40 am
good news there. jason brooks coming along next to chat about that and much more.
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6:43 am
a large pod of more than 100 dolphins took over a new zealand is in the city take a look. a large pod of more than 100 dolphins took over a new zealand harbor in wellington on the north island. dolphins put on a show as you can imagine. the spectacle caused traffic problems in the area as people pulled over to look. a lot of folks on the beach said, let's take a look at the dolphins. >> we have dolphins in the bay area. >> occasionally they sneak into the bay, not too often. >> i used to surf when i was out surfing i would see the dolphins would make me feel good because they scare the sharks away. [ laughter ] >> nice to humans, right? >> but it does scare you when those fins come up. >> when they initially come up
6:44 am
and say hello, like whoa! >> is that really a dolphin or not? around the bay area we have changes coming our way starting out with a few clouds outside. and some patchy fog at the coastline. still going to see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and temperatures will likely be warmer outside so a mild start to the day with some of the clouds. warm afternoon in many spots and then changes by the weekend. high pressure sitting out across the pacific with a flat ridge with some of the clouds dumping over the top there. but by tomorrow, that ridge strengthens so even warmer as we look toward friday. we could see some temperatures moving up into the mid-70s. sfo partly cloudy no delays there. looks like if you are heading across the country could be a different story. it's going to be clear and bright in houston at 61 but looking at 39 degrees and showers into denver, chicago looking at more snow showers, and more rain into new york. if you are heading around the bay today it's going to be one of those beautiful afternoons. plan on 69 in san jose. 71 in morgan hill. lots of 70s in the east bay as well beautiful weather inside the bay. good day to enjoy if you can and even nicer if you can
6:45 am
believe that for tomorrow. and then things begin to cool off. partly cloudy over the weekend, slight chance of a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge late saturday night into sunday. a chance for more rain for everyone by the middle of next week. liz? >> so enjoy this weekend. okay, thank you, lawrence. outside rye now we're going to take you back out to the peninsula. live camera at 101 and university. taillights moving southbound and as you can see, both directions in palo alto, northbound and southbound at the limit. not the case at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned the metering lights on just after 6:00 and so now we are left with a backup. no incident over at the bay bridge but it's backing up beyond the overcross, it's a nice look except for the traffic. nice camera towards the bay bridge toll plaza. elsewhere towards 880 a live look at the nimitz northbound and southbound by 66 and the oakland coliseum. everything is looking good. southbound moving well towards oakland airport and all the way down into hayward. let's go to the maps and show you what else is going on.
6:46 am
word of a new crash already cleared to the right shoulder, it was involving four cars and a bus westbound 80 approaching san pablo dam road and it's slow in the area from pinole and remains slow out towards the berkeley area. this is a live look near university. drive time 25 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and once again caltrain 104 had to be taken out of service so right now we're hearing that some delays up to an hour behind schedule at least in the southbound direction. bart, muni and ace on time. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> i think lawrence needs some coffee. >> lawrence is right here just off camera. 6:48 now. painful federal budget cuts are set to kick in a little more than 14 hours from now. yet there seems to be a lack of urgency in the nation's capital. president obama set to meet with congressional leaders tomorrow, after the $85 billion in cuts will take effect. the senate is expected to vote today on competing democratic and republican plans to replace
6:47 am
those spending cuts but neither bill is expected to pass. the american economy did better than first thought in the last quarter of last year. >> here with a revised number is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, frank. despite the worries over the federal budget cuts the stock market is on a rally the past few sessions. a lot of that because of the economy. it turns out that the economy did better in the 4th quarter of last year than first expected. commerce department with its first revision of gdp putting it at growth of a tenth of a percent. the original estimate showed a decline of a tenth of a percent. still very week and economists were looking for a better revision. they were looking for a half percent gain. saw a weaker consumer spending, imports dropped off big gain, decent gain in exports and business investments which is key. labor department reports first time weekly unemployment claims reversed course falling 22,000 to 344,000.
6:48 am
the four-week average also dropped down to 355,000. that does signal more hiring than firing which is good news. the market coming off those two big days -- yesterday was the best day of 2013. dow up 176 points. within 90 points of the all- time high of 14,164 set back in october of 2007. market off to a decent start. the dow up 28. nasdaq up 13. s&p up 5. groupon hammered after its earnings report. shares down 21%. >> we have the pope retiring and we could hit a record on the dow. we'll be watching. >> i guess the market's not too worried. >> apparently not. thank you. on to the bay area watch now. there's a pet scam out there that's using san francisco international airport as part of the scheme. the scam starts online luring people looking for a dog particularly yorkies. the ad claims the dog is in
6:49 am
another part of the country and scammers ask for money to pay for air travel costs. sfo officials say they are in no way connected to the online ads. >> this morning, the barred board is expected to vote for fare hikes that would be based on inflation. the proposal is to increase fares by just over 5% next year. and that would need about $17 million more for bart. additional hikes are proposed every other year through 2020. the board will also consider a 50-cent hike for parking at some bart stations. here's a chance to spend more than a year alone with your spouse in a confined space. >> excellent! it's out of this world. and it's an adventure. no way! former nasa engineer dennis tito wants to send a husband and wife team to mars in about five years. he was the first millionaire to pay for a ride into space. his mars plan is for a flight that could last 16 months and put a couple into orbit around
6:50 am
mars. we don't know if it's a space experiment or marriage experiment. guess he will find out about both. >> i think it will be a marriage experiment more than anything. >> two weeks into it, get me down. >> no kidding. an unusual case involving transgender rights. colorado first grader coy mathis was born a boy but as a toddler was acting like a girl. by the time the child started absolutely was wearing dresses. the school district changed policy and banned coy from the girl bathroom. the parent sued. >> we want her to be able to have the same opportunities and go back to school and be treated equally without discrimination at her school. >> coy is homeschooled until the issue is resolved. a publicity stunt misses the mark for one town in san mateo county. >> a multi-million dollar offer to change the name of woodside is being treated though as a bad joke. according to the "mercury news," says it would pay woodside nearly $12 million to change the name on
6:51 am
its library and town hall to usa and unveil a statue of hugh hefner or another sugar daddy of their choosing. they are home to some of the world's richest parents. they said no. >> i would think so. oakland-based pandora says it's time to put a cap on free music. the internet radio customer announced yesterday it's imposing a 40 hour monthly limit for listeners to a free service on mobile devices. the company says it has to keep up with the rising costs of music licenses. pandora says the new policy should affect less than 4% of customers who use that service. here's something for the hard working housewives on bravo. >> or more for their nannies. this is a $3,000 stroller by aston martin. the world famous luxury car company. they have made 800 of these strollers to be sold
6:52 am
exclusively of course at harrod's in london. wonder if will and kate will get one. the aston martin logo is on every inch of the stroller so everyone will now how much you love the baby and how much you paid for it. >> i think that's what james bond drove. >> $3,000. >> forget it. coming up a check of the top stories including pope benedict's final hours as head of the roman catholic church.
6:53 am
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pope benedict will begin his retirement, a short time 6:57. the pope benedict xvi era is winding down for the catholic church. pope benedict will begin his retirement a short time from now. here's a live look at vatican
6:56 am
city where the pope has been finalizing his 8-year read as pope. cbs news will break into programming with a special live report this morning scheduled to begin at 7:55 a.m. you can catch it right here on kpix 5. santa cruz police plan to give us more information this morning about the murders of 2 officers on tuesday. the sheriff's department and highway patrol are helping keep the peace in santa cruz as members of the police department are being given time off to mourn the fallen comrades. the daughter of one of the slain officers says her dad had planned to he retire soon. and a live look at san francisco's inner park district. a major water main broke there more than 24 hours ago creating what's left over here quit a mess. 23 homes 12 cars damaged hundreds of thousands of gallons of water poured on 15th avenue and wawona. no word on what caused the 61- year-old pipe to break. the city is offering financial help for the victims. a lot of people still bailing out and cleaning up from all
6:57 am
that -- look at that water. it's amazing. >> glad they are getting the help. let's check the final check of weather. >> niece weather if you like sunshine and warmer temperatures. i know you guys do. we have more of that on the way for today. a few clouds outside this morning but that is going to give way to lots of sunshine and these temperatures staying very mild outside. right now even 40s and 50s at this hour. by the afternoon we are expecting some 60s even some low 70s and probably going to get even warmer into tomorrow. i think tomorrow really the peak of the heat and then we'll start to cool off. partly cloudy, slight chance of showers overnight saturday night into sunday. >> okay. a couple of incidents out there, westbound 580 approaching north flynn. there's a car fire. it was just cleared to the right shoulder but it's stacked up through the altamont pass and remains slow towards the dublin interchange. slight location change for the accident down the eastshore freeway westbound 80 at el portal and it's backed up into pinole and once again caltrain number 104 was canceled. >> okay, liz. thank you for that. >> think we're done.
6:58 am
>> i think we are. >> that's it. thanks for watching this morning. remember, your next local update is at 7:25. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday february 28th 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." it is the day 1 billion catholics never thought they would see the retirement of a pope. we're in rome with pope benedict's final moments in power. plus massive spending cuts seem inevitable. how bad will it really get? a major shift in u.s. policy on syria. we'll show you what john kerry said after meeting rebels. and the news city with internet speed 200 times faster than the rest of us. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
6:59 am
we haven't been through this in six century, so i don't blame you about having uncertainty. >> pope benedict prepares his historic resignation. >> the first pope in 600 years to walk away from the job. >> giving his blessing to the cardinals gathered to listen to his departing words. >> he did say that the future pope is among you. >> he'll leave by helicopters, and the crowds at castel gandolfo. >> and the pope benedict said he's not abandoning the catholic church, like most catholics he'll be back for christmas and easter. >> this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> the clock keeps ticking towards massive across-the-board spending cuts. >> if this administration is having problems with these cuts we have a real disaster here. >> isn't it really about who has the guns? sometimes more than the gun itself. >> the senate judiciary committee may vote on four


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